The outdoor advertising industry is the fastest growing advertising medium behind online, for many reasons.

Billboards can reach consumers in places other mediums simply cannot go. People are spending more time out of their home due to an increase in income, allowing for more spend on travel, hospitality, entertainment and shopping. This has meant traditional mediums are now struggling to reach these on-the-go consumers, especially now that there are also numerous ways to avoid traditional advertising. Billboards have become the last true broadcast medium as a result, which is one of the many reasons why the medium keeps growing (statistics indicate the outdoor advertising industry is growing 9% year-on-year).

Billboards are impactful and noticeable as they are just through sheer size and placement. Add the limitless potential provided by creative, and all of a sudden you have impact on a level that other mediums simply can’t provide. People have been so entertained by billboard creative over the years that they literally can’t wait to see the next skin. Media5 offers your business the opportunity to express your creativity. Create a visual masterpiece you want your audience to see, etching your business in the minds of consumers. Ask yourself how you want to be perceived in the eyes of your target audience, then give us a call and let’s create it.
Billboards are the last advertising medium a consumer experiences on their path to purchase. Case studies have shown that a billboard advertising a close local business influences a customer’s path to purchase directly into their stores. A call to action on a billboard is very effective because it prompts consumers when they are out and about, actively purchasing products. Media5 analyse audience viewing factors such as direction of traffic, dwell times caused by busy intersections, viewing angles, overall environment, so that we only offer you extremely relevant billboard locations. We only put up billboards that make sense, and we have testimonials to prove that they work.
Understanding and targeting your target demographic with relevant billboard sites in key locations based on this understanding is what Media5 prides itself on. Whether you want to target as many commuters as possible, Gen-Y, locals, or consumers in all major New Zealand centres, Media5 has both the niche and broadcast billboards to capture your target audience.
‘CPM’ is worked out by dividing the cost of a period of advertising across any medium by how many thousand impressions or views the medium will get. Outdoor advertising has the lowest CPM value. With budget spend crucial to maximising return on investment or ROI, it makes sense to advertise with the world’s most cost-effective advertising medium available today.
Billboards are big and bold which makes them impactful and therefore memorable. Your target audience is being bombarded with advertising messages all day every day, so you need to stand out from the rest. No medium captures attention better than billboards. They stand alone, unavoidable, uncluttered, exposing your message 7 days a week 24 hours a day. They are not a 15 second segment and can’t be switched off. All these features combine to give your message more cut-through and clarity than you will find anywhere else.
Take advantage of the extensive reach and frequency a billboard offers to increase brand awareness drastically. Or, establish your brand amongst a niche market through clever creative and strategic site selection. Increase your brand credibility by advertising with the same medium the big brands use. Position your brand in the marketplace via a medium that ensures your message is seen and not amongst clutter. Whatever your branding objectives, Media5 has a solution.
Billboards are extremely memorable. This is due to a combination of factors. Over the years billboards have entertained, intrigued, surprised and enthused so much that the general public have developed a natural affinity with the outdoor format. We also know that when people are working, socialising, travelling or shopping they are in a different mind-set than if they were relaxing at home. They are more attentive and optimistic – ads don’t annoy them. The combination of their natural affinity to billboards, their mind-set whilst out of home, and the impactful nature of billboards results in a noticeably higher ad recall. The more they remember your business the more likely they are to do business. Creating memorable billboards is what Media5 strives to achieve for all of our client’s campaigns.