Out-of-Home Grows, 4th Year in A Row

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Out-of-Home Grows, 4th Year in A Row

Out-of-Home Grows, 4th Year in A Row

Out-of-home advertising has seen a remarkable revenue growth of 14.2% in 2019. This is the fourth year in a row that Out-of-home has increased its revenue growth, over 4 years this has equated to a total growth rate of 37%.

The question business owners and marketers might want to ask is: why is Out-of-home experiencing this growth? And is it worth moving my advertising spend there?

Media agencies and big brands like Coca-Cola, Spotify and Trustpower have  proven to themselves that billboards and other OOH mediums are an increasingly effective marketing channel that are worth moving their spend to.

Most billboards get tens of thousands of views per day and hundreds of thousands or millions per month. It’s because of this large number of impressions that billboards are also among the lowest cost per exposure of any media.

When it comes to consumers, it’s simple, billboards are an effective media option that you can’t turn off, mute, avoid or adblock. 

Billboards are placed where research tells us 9 out of 10 people spend 70% of their waking hours; out of home. All other media are increasingly fragmented, and avoided. Unlike TV or radio ads that interrupt what consumers are watching or listening to, billboards are more enjoyable and therefore, are more memorable. Due to bigger brands using billboards, research shows us that consumers perceive brands on billboards to be credible, trustworthy and significant.

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